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ESS1688 Laptop Sound Card

I sent a message a while ago asking about this soundcard in a Dell LM166M
laptop and got several responses. Unfortunately, I still have not been able
to get the soundcard set up.

How can I figure out all the settings that I need to put in for it?
I/O Base
16 bit DMA
MPU401 I/O Base

Do I even need all these for the ESS1688? I'm not sure what exactly I need
to fill in. The linux laptop page tells me that he used  IRQ 5, DMA 1 and
starting address 220--But I'm not sure which fields to use out of those.


Asher Haig
Pager/Voice Mail
"It was like a visit by Don Carleone. I expected to find a bloody computer
monitor in my bed the next day."
-- Mark Andreessen regarding the visit from Microsoft.

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