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Re: Debian Linux and W95 coexist?

On Fri, May 01, 1998 at 10:42:41AM -0700, Bob Nielsen wrote:
> Actually fips is on the cdrom in /tools.  If the Win95 system is OSR2
> (4.00B) with FAT32, you will need to get fips15c, which is available from
> ftp.debian.org in /pub/debian/tools. 
> Another choice would be the commercial Partition Magic 3.x, which also
> handles FAT32 and includes a good boot manager for dual booting
> linux/win95, although this can also be done with LILO, which is on the
> debian cd-rom. 

Boot Manager is a little weird though with Linux.  At least it was with IBM
fdisk in OS/2.  Problem was that you could not ADD a type 83 partition to
Boot Manager but you could create an unformatted partition, add that, then
change its type in Linux fdisk..  In order for it to boot, you still needed
lilo on the partition, but that's no biggie.

ANY fdisk would have the ability to fix your boot manager if they broke it
by overwriting the boot sector by just telling it to boot from the drive
with boot manager on it.

Unfortunately that means it takes up a primary partition...

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