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Re: Debian Linux and W95 coexist?

>Just received Debian Linux on the LSL CD which will be used on a shared
>Pentium which already has Windows 95 installed. The installation
>instructions look straight forward with one exception. It is not clear
>whether the installation routine is designed to overwrite what is
>already on the hard disk or if only the unused part of the disk will be
>used. Could someone please point me to a discussion of this and/or more
>basic information about disk partitioning? This must be an elementary
>question but is not apparent in the FAQs.
Basically, you need to download a DOS program called FIPS (just search
for it on the internet). Now, defragment your hard drive in Win95, then
immediately exit to DOS and run FIPS. You can now decrease the size of
your Win95 partition, leaving you room to slot in another partition for
Linux in the setup program. If you just change your Win95 partition into
a Linux partition, all the info on that partition will be deleted,
including Win95. You just have to have two partitions (well, three,
since you need anotehr one for your Linux swap file).

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