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Re: Debian Linux and W95 coexist?

On Fri, 1 May 1998, Graham Pople wrote:

> >Just received Debian Linux on the LSL CD which will be used on a shared
> >Pentium which already has Windows 95 installed. The installation
> >instructions look straight forward with one exception. It is not clear
> >whether the installation routine is designed to overwrite what is
> >already on the hard disk or if only the unused part of the disk will be
> >used. Could someone please point me to a discussion of this and/or more
> >basic information about disk partitioning? This must be an elementary
> >question but is not apparent in the FAQs.
> >
> Basically, you need to download a DOS program called FIPS (just search
> for it on the internet). Now, defragment your hard drive in Win95, then
> immediately exit to DOS and run FIPS. You can now decrease the size of
> your Win95 partition, leaving you room to slot in another partition for
> Linux in the setup program. If you just change your Win95 partition into
> a Linux partition, all the info on that partition will be deleted,
> including Win95. You just have to have two partitions (well, three,
> since you need anotehr one for your Linux swap file).

Actually fips is on the cdrom in /tools.  If the Win95 system is OSR2
(4.00B) with FAT32, you will need to get fips15c, which is available from
ftp.debian.org in /pub/debian/tools. 

Another choice would be the commercial Partition Magic 3.x, which also
handles FAT32 and includes a good boot manager for dual booting
linux/win95, although this can also be done with LILO, which is on the
debian cd-rom. 


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