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Problems with time settings and tzconfig


I have had the same proble with the time, both with bo and with hamm.
I am from Romania which is GMT+2. I had set the PC CMOS time to GMT and
try the Europe/Bucharest zone. It gave me an GMT+3 hour. I've try GMT+2
and the system returned me a GMT-2 hour. Now the system is set to GMT-1
and the zone to Europe/Bucharest, so, in the end, I get an right answer
from date and the clock shows what it should. Does anybody have a clue
for this ?

(I am not very happy with this work arround and also I'm a little
disappointed that those that made the zone database didn't knew we are
GMT+2 in Romania. It's in every geography book. )

And, if we are on this subject, does Linux knows about summer/winter
hour ? Win95 knows about this and I was wondering if this is also true
for Linux.



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