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Re: Problems with time settings and tzconfig


Alex Romosan wrote:

> >I have had the same proble with the time, both with bo and with hamm.
> >I am from Romania which is GMT+2. I had set the PC CMOS time to GMT and
> >
> romania is gmt+3 during the summer (daylight savings time).

Thanks for pointing this out. I did'n thought at this. 8-(

> >I am not very happy with this work arround and also I'm a little
> >disappointed that those that made the zone database didn't knew we are
> >GMT+2 in Romania. It's in every geography book.
> >
> you should be disappointed with yourself.

It looks that your are right.  My appologies to those who wrote the time

> probably the easiest thing to do is: set your time to bucharest time
> using the 'date' command, then use 'hwclock --utc --systohc' to set
> your hardware clock to gmt (same as utc). once you set the clock to
> the real gmt, the computer will take care of daylight savings time
> automatically (also don't forget to enable -u in /etc/defaults/rcS).
> --alex--
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