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Re: is this the end of debian?

>> No it certainly is not.  We have over 300 developers.  The loss of
>> Bruce, though not necessarily a good thing, will not destroy us.
>                                                               ^^^
>				  	 who is us? The developers who
>                                        caused Bruce to leave? or the
>                                        users ??

of course it is the developers. as some of them made it quite clear in
their messages they couldn't care less about the users. too bad.

on a sort of debian note. i've been struggling since the beginning of
the week to make a debian package out of the new xfree86 release. it
is a huge package. it takes overnight to compile on my 200 mhz pentium
pro. i've been compiling and recompiling trying to get it to work (and
at the same time closing as many of the outstanding bugs against 3.3.1
as possible). it's not an easy job. i have a new appreciation for the
maintainer of the package (Mark W. Eichin <eichin@kitten.gen.ma.us>).
i think everybody should be forced to deal with such a package before
they decide to make a stupid decision and remove parts of it from the
distribution (see the xlib6 discussion).


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