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Re: is this the end of debian?

On Fri, Mar 20, 1998 at 02:10:26AM -0600, Alex Romosan wrote:
> of course it is the developers. as some of them made it quite clear in
> their messages they couldn't care less about the users. too bad.

I think you've confused motivation with lack of caring. While a developer
may work on Debian for non-altruistic reasons, that doesn't mean they
don't care about the users. Bug reports and wishlist items are welcome --
but there's no guarantee that you'll get what you want. That's all,
and that's not unreasonable. It's not that the developer doesn't care
necessarily, but maybe they don't agree, or they prioritise
it differently to you, or they don't have the time to implement
a feature which is not particularly useful to themselves.
Remember, you are free to do any implementation you want done yourself.

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