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Re: is this the end of debian?

>>"Alex" == Alex Romosan <alex@juliet.fnal.gov> writes:

>> No it certainly is not.  We have over 300 developers.  The loss of
>> Bruce, though not necessarily a good thing, will not destroy us.
>> ^^^ who is us? The developers who caused Bruce to leave? or the
>> users ??

	The Debian community, of course.

Alex> of course it is the developers. as some of them made it quite
Alex> clear in their messages they couldn't care less about the
Alex> users. too bad.

	That was uncalled for. Debian has always tried to be friendly
 to the users (though repsonses like this do make me wonder why)

	Though the archive was messed up by a mistake (does anyone
 here not make a smitake?), it has been fixed now (it was more
 complicated than it looked), and xlib6 is back now. It shall take a
 few days to propogate. 

	Also, let me remind people that this has not been an easy time
 for us; we had a disk failure on master, followed by a fgried mother
 board, and then a hub failed; addd that to the archive being damaged,
 things have taken longer to fix than any one would have liked.

	May I be permitted to point out that the developers happen to
 have real jobs too? I would much rather be in bed with my spuse at
 3:08 am than trying to help out here.


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