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Re: Which Linux distribution???

jspence@lynx.net.au (John Spence) writes:

> One interesting point: I've noticed that it is very common for
> people to move to Debian after using other distributions.  I would
> make a guess and claim that there aren't too many people who migrate
> from Debian to another dist after using Debian for at least a couple
> of months.

You are absolutely true.  My first Linux was SLS back in 1993.  After
a period of 2.5 years of not using Linux due to limited hard disc
space I started with the SuSE distribution.  Some month later I tried
Red Hat 4.2 and Debian 1.2 and finally stuck with Debian.  It was the
only system that had both the advantages of both a good package system
and a fine-control on configuring the packages.  For example, compare
the SuSE tool Yast which configure ALL the package with a huge
/etc/rc.config file and the package-related /usr/sbin/<package>config
idea found in Debian.


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