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Re: Which Linux distribution???

On Fri, Feb 06, 1998 at 04:34:52AM +1100, Lal Dissanayake Jnr wrote:

> Could you guys suggest which Linux distribution I should install on my
> system. Ive been using UNIX with X11 for quite a while now, so Im looking
> for the best, not something for newbies.

If you aren't a newbie then you'd already have a good idea of what "the
best" would be.

If you are a newbie then the question is irrelevant. Just get a Linux, any
Linux and learn it.  You won't find too much that you can't unlearn later

I use Debian of course (other list addresses snipped). I moved to Debian
after using RH and Slackware.   I'm glad I made the move.

One interesting point: I've noticed that it is very common for people to
move to Debian after using other distributions.  I would make a guess and
claim that there aren't too many people who migrate from Debian to another
dist after using Debian for at least a couple of months.

          Thank God, thank GNU, thank GDebian.
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