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Re: Which Linux distribution???

     Debian Linux, of course, is the best distribution :).  But I really do 
     believe that or I wouldn't be using it.  
     To determine whether your hardware is supported or not you should 
     consult the HOWTOs. A HOWTO index is located at 
     http://www.linux.org/help/howto.html.  Look through there until you 
     see the Hardware Compatibility HOWTO.  Coincidentally I'm resarching 
     this issue myself for a R&D networking lab I'm building at work that 
     will use PCs/Debian as hosts.  As far as I know, I don't think there 
     is anything on your list of hardware that will give you any trouble.  
     I don't think your video card is supported by the current release of 
     XFree86 (for X windows), but it is supported (pretty well to all 
     reports) by the S.u.S.E. project -- visit http://www.suse.com.
     Of course any problems/questions you encounter along the way will be 
     answered promptly by this list's membership.  Another great reason to 
     choose Debian.
     Good luck!

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Subject: Which Linux distribution???
Author:  lalcd@ozemail.com.au at mime
Date:    2/5/98 9:34 AM

Hi all,
Could you guys suggest which Linux distribution I should install on my 
system. Ive been using UNIX with X11 for quite a while now, so Im looking 
for the best, not something for newbies.
Also, which X windows server would go best with a Millenium 2 card?
my system is as follows,
Pentium 233MMX
ASUS TX97-E Smart Mainboard
64MB 168pin SDRAM
4.3GB Quantum ST HD
Millenium II with 4MB
Viewsonic 17PS (supporting 1600x1280) 
Sound Blaster AWE 64bit
US Robotics 56K x2 Sportster external 
Epson 600C printer
thanks a lot
Lal D.
         Lal Dissanayake Jnr
     EMail: lalcd@ozemail.com.au ***************************************
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