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Re: Which Linux distribution???

In article <Pine.LNX.3.96.980206155132.2055B-100000@3dillusion.com>,
Paul Miller <paul@3dillusion.com> wrote:
>The KDE project is starting to make some configuration programs.. I
>haven't used all of these programs, but the ones I've used are really
>sysv init editor
>user editor (w/ quota options)
>kdm configuration
>filesystem analyser + mount/unmount (intergraded with desktop)
>ppp (never used it, but it may have a configuration interface)
>full KDE configuration (kcontrol)
>bind configuration
>xvidtune replacement
>joystick setup
>lazer jet printing utility
>printer quene monitor
>pgp configuration tool

.. and RedHat has it's own configurator, and then there is linuxconf, and
GnoME probably wants to write one, etc etc.

Hopefully everybody will realize that it's silly, and help out with COAS.
See http://www.caldera.com/coas/  and  ftp://ftp.coas.org/pub/

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