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Re: web forms killing ppp!

servis@purdue.edu writes:

> Occasionally when I fill out a form on a web page it will kill my ppp
> connection.(The ppp connection is over a modem.) Usually short forms,
> only a few fields, work fine but the problem seems to happen on forms
> with a large number of fields. When I submit a form the modem does not
> drop carrier but the ppp link dies.  I can't ping or do anything over
> the link.

Do you do anything else involving transfers of large amounts of data
TO the Internet?  Like uploading a file to an FTP server?

Also, what brand and model of modem do you have?  What kind of
equipment does your ISP use?

FWIW, I seem to be having a problem like this with my USR Sportster
Voice 56K.  It only happens irregularly though.

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