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Lyx, StarOffice, & word [was Re: Win95 and Linux:

>> > Actually all of that list is possible, with the possible exception
>> > of M$Word...

> Okay, I havent used it.. but what about Lyx?? Ive heard good things about
> it.. Comments?

I use lyx regularly.  It's not "like" Word.  But for technical writing, it's better.  IT generates latex, and is far easier to use than equation editor.  (BTW, version .12 is just releast).

For those that are among the other three people in the world that used the formula command in the Mac versions of word (from 1.0 to 5.1), lyx is even better.  I hung onto macs for a few extra years do to those commands (with the commands and a couple of macros, I could take notes full speed in phd math, econ, and stat classes [which i can't manage by hand]).  The machine on my desk for my dissertation runs linux so that I can use lyx.  Wihtout lyx, it would have been another Mac.

Really, it's that good.

But lyx is for generating stuff like latex (no, I don't know a bit of latex).  IT doesn't do form letters, html, etc.

For those, star office 4 is great.  IT is (apparently) word like in its word processor.  It's free for personal use, and does the typing correction, etc.  I don't know about the final release, but some of the merge commands were missing from the beta.  And it's also great for html; i don't know any html, and i'm able to toss up pictures of my newborns for grandparents.


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