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Re: Win95 and Linux: Was: Verified Re: Unidentified subject!

>> > Try StarOffice4.0.  It's actually fairly Word compatible.
>> Seth,
>> 	StarOffice4.0 is rather impressive. The Win 95 version looked very
>> interesting during the time it was tested. I'll be interested in seeing
>> the Linux version when it's released.

 According to Freshmeat it's out now. I couldn't get to ftp.stardiv.de, 
 (everybody seems to be downloading that 40mb chunk ;-)) to confirm 
 it. (Also their web-site was so slow, that I didn't have time to wait).

 Does somebody know any mirrors?

 subject: StarOffice 4 final
added by: scoop (scoop@unreal.org)
    date: 02/02/98

Stardivision has released the final edition of their award-winning Office-Suite. Of course free for private use.

o Get it (ftp://ftp.stardiv.de/pub/so4/linux/final/)


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