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Re: Yet Another libc5->libc6 question..

Yes, I did exactly that: put both packages on the same dpkg --install
line (thanks to Scott Ellis for responding within an hour of my original
post). Everything installed cleanly and the system works as expected.
Next hurdle seems to be installing of the libc6-dev to be able to
compile my own kernel in the libc6 enviroment. Does anyone know if
kernel-source package that libc6-dev depends on is going to be available
this week, or alternatively, can I *safely* force the libc6-dev to
install with 2.0.32_2.0.32-1 kernel source?

Thanks to all who replied to my previous post

Wiria A Kusuma wrote:
> Yes Remco is right, I have not tried it thou.., give it a try... and
> good luck

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