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Re: Epson Stylus 400

"Dana M. Epp" <eppdm@netmaster.ca> writes:

> Can anyone tell me if the Epson 400 Color Stylus can work under Linux.

I'm using the Epson Stylus Color 400 with Red Hat 4.2 and Ghostscript
5.0.  I had to recompile Ghostscript because the stcolor driver is not 
compiled in the default. I still haven't tweaked the settings to what
I like, but that's laziness, not a software fault.  Aside from that,
it works fine with both PostScript and plain text.

I do not know whether the recent Ghostscript .debs have the stcolor
component compiled in or not.

Good luck.

Edgar Whipple       Have clue, will travel.
ewhipple@rma.edu    "I had a little froggy."

 Microsoft is not where I want to go today.

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