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Re: Yet Another libc5->libc6 question..

On Mon, 5 Jan 1998, Damir J. Naden wrote:

> Yes, I did exactly that: put both packages on the same dpkg --install
> line (thanks to Scott Ellis for responding within an hour of my original
> post). Everything installed cleanly and the system works as expected.
> Next hurdle seems to be installing of the libc6-dev to be able to
> compile my own kernel in the libc6 enviroment. Does anyone know if
> kernel-source package that libc6-dev depends on is going to be available
> this week, or alternatively, can I *safely* force the libc6-dev to
> install with 2.0.32_2.0.32-1 kernel source?

Well, the kernel itself doesn't actually need libc at all (although the
makefiles need it to get ready to compile the kernel).  In any case, the
missing kernel-headers package is stuck in the incoming directory which is
mirrored at ftp://ftp1.us.debian.org/pub/debian/Incoming (among other
places).  And forcing the installation with an earlier version of the
headers will leave many header files broken when the references they
expect don't exist (read /usr/doc/libc6/FAQ.debian.gz for the reason).

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