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Re: Yet Another libc5->libc6 question..

On Tue, 6 Jan 1998, Wiria A Kusuma wrote:

> ok, I do it this way, after the ldso_1.9.6-2.deb, I do 
> dpkg -i libc5_5.4.38-0.1.deb, of couse it is complaining about libc6,
> just ignore it, and leave it unconfigure..., then do a dpkg for
> libc6_2.0.6-2.deb, I am sure you will be able to do it this time, then
> you can go back to dpkg -i libc5_5.4.38-0.1.deb, this time it will
> install smoothly, then it will ask you to reboot your system if I
> remember correctly..

I think it is better to do libc5 and libc6 on one line, after ldso has
been installed:

dpkg -i libc5_5.4.38-0.1.deb libc6_2.0.6-2.deb

This doesn't complain about the dependancy problem, AFAIK.


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