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> While the UPS-HOWTO is very informative, I was  also looking for a 
> Linux oriented consumer review of UPS models and features, some Linux 
> user's web pages with a little more up to date info than the Aug 1994 
> date shown in one part of the HOWTO, as well as a survey of first hand 
> experiences with different UPS brands and models by Linux users.
> -- 

I use apcd (version 0.5) which I pulled off sunsite (or tsx11 ?) on my network
monitoring machine. It talks to an APC SmartUPS and keeps track of battery
levels etc. As far as I know it is not available as a Debian package but
when I looked (some time ago) it was the only 'smart mode' UPS monitor available
for Linux. (and the APC UPS - which I inherited from another project)

	John Lines

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