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> > > I recommend Best Power's products (I use their "intelligent" Fortress model
> > Yes, I strongly recommend AGAINST APC. I own one, it works but they keep
> > the interface secret, and they have minus one support. Of course if you
> > don't wanna have "smart" UPS (system load, voltage and freq measures,
> > thermometer etc...), it'll be just okay.
> Best and Exide/Deltec appear reputable (I had an outdated UPS-HOWTO), 
> and I'm a little uncertain about APC.  I read that there was a linux 
> program which implements some of the APC smart features, but that it 
> was beta.

Not that it is a beta but it is guerillaware because APC never have given
a bit information about the protocol. The whole stuff was
reverse-engineered... more or less successfully.

> As I'll also be getting a natural gas powered generator with an 
> "outages", but I haven't found any info on running UPS's on non-sine 
> wave ("dirty", "square" or "triangular" wave, generator) power.  I 
> When I wrote these companies asking if the online models could cope 
> with non-sine wave power for extended periods, only APC responded and 
> said that they "usually" could, and recommended their "smart" model 
> (that's an interactive model). If anyone runs a UPS on "dirty" power, 
> please let me know:
> 1.) longest time period running on dirty power without switching to 
> battery
> 2.) 3600 rpm or 1800 rmp generator
> 3.) online or interactive
> 4.) brand/model

Well, once we tried to run from a gas powered source, APC SMART UPS 600VA.
It seemed to work. 

But I can't tell you periods because the source was fully loaded and
wasn't able to handle my batteries-low my UPS to use load AND recharge its
batteries. UPS simply swicthed back to battery after 20-30ms... and tried
in 30 secs. I powered the stuff down. 

It worked for some minutes (until the source got loaded).

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