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Re: Epson Stylus 400

Anthony Fok wrote:

> On Mon, 29 Dec 1997, Dana M. Epp wrote:
> > Can anyone tell me if the Epson 400 Color Stylus can work under Linux.
> Sorry, you are out of luck.  As far as I know, the EPSON Stylus COLOR 400
> is a Windows-only printer.

Are you sure?  A search through usenet yields this:

In article <01bce6f2$4835f0e0$3d844fc2@sami.burotec.fr>,
        "COMMEROT" <lcommero@burotec.fr> writes:
> Hello,
> I want to know that: what device I must use with Ghostscript to print on my
> Eps.st.color 400?
> I use the epson9high, epson and escp2 device; but it doesn't work.
> Thanks
> P.S : sorry with my bad english, but I'm french.

You need at least Ghostscript 3.something (3.53, I think).  I recommend
either 4.03 or 5.03 (I've not tested the latter thoroughly, but it seems
more reliable than 5.00 and 5.01 were).  With the 5.0x releases, you've
got a choice of the uniprint and stcolor drivers, though the stcolor
driver is *NOT* included in the RPM-installable binaries I've seen.  :-( 
I've mostly used stcolor.

The key points, once you've got the correct version of Ghostscript
installed with the correct drivers, are:

- Use the stcolor or uniprint driver.  I'll assume stcolor, since that's
  what I use and I'm more familiar with it.  The following may not apply
  directly with uniprint.
- You *MUST* use the -dSoftWeave option to print at above 360x360 dpi, or
  you'll get endless form feeds rather than printouts.
- When printing color, you'll almost certainly want to include the
  stcolor.ps file (e.g., 'ghostscript {various options} stcolor.ps
  myfile.ps').  This is included with the standard distribution, and sets
  up Ghostscript's color mapping functions.  Without it, you'll get very
  dark and over-saturated colors, and the printer will guzzle ink
- For best results with color, experiment with the dithering options.  In
  my experience, fscmyk and hscmyk are about equally good, overall, and
  the others aren't as good on most files, though fsrgb is pretty good on
  some files.
- To get more than really basic functionality, you'll pretty well need to
  read the documentation.  The stcolor driver is well documented, though
  if you're new to color inkjet printing with Ghostscript, it may take a
  couple of read-throughs to get more than a basic understanding of the

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I got a 400 for Christmas and will be trying soon on Linux...
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