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Re: laser printers and linux

On Wed, Dec 31, 1997 at 10:42:53AM +1100, Hamish Moffatt wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 29, 1997 at 11:54:55PM -0800, "G. Crimp"@freenet.victoria.bc.ca wrote:
> > Seems to be a lot of questions about printers in the last week.  I might as 
> > well get in mine.  NEC SuperScript 860.  Will it work or not.  I bought it
> > because a magazine review said it worked with OS's other than Windows (and
> > cheap and fast and generally highly recommended).  I now have this sinking
> > feeling that it won't.  The manual says that it "differs from other printers
> > in that it is driven directly by the CPU of your computer..."  This sounds
> > suspiciously like what the Hardware-HOWTO says to avoid -- equipment that
> > has had its brains taken out and uses Windows driven software to do the job.
> Although others have said you have GDI, if the magazine says it does
> work on other OSs, it's possible that is has a GDI mode but supports
> non-GDI printing as well. I believe my HP 5L has something like this;
> they have both a "host-based driver" and a PCL driver for Windows.
> I've never plugged the printer into anything except a Linux box though.

OK, so I'm going to take one more kick at this.  I almost returned the printer
the other day, but decided to check out this PCL thing.  The manual says that
the NEC SS 860 has PCL emulation.  Can anyone tell me if "emulation" means
more crap on the windoze end of the cable, or if it is internal to the
printer and thus able to handle whatever it might get from a Linux 
programme ?  (My apologies to David S. if this is just reasking what you 
have already answered, but this stuff does not form a clear image in my head.
I just want to make sure.)


Gerald Crimp

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