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Re: Indicating NNTP news server uniformly: how?

Jameson Burt hat gesagt: // Jameson Burt wrote:

> Ideally,   the   environment   variable   NNTPSERVER   or   the   file
> /etc/news/server  would  determine  the   NNTP  news  server  for  any
> news-reader. This would  ideally work for knews,  netscape, pine, trn,
> ... .  I believe one can  configure the traditional news  readers like
> knews,  pine,  trn to  use  the  variable NNTPSERVER,  but  NNTPSERVER
> apparently can not be used by netscape.
> Of course, I have set the news-server's name within netscape. But each
> user must  do this (though  I have but three  users here at  home). My
> main  motivation for  wanting that  netscape refer  to something  like
> $NNTPSERVER is that  I use two different ISPs, often  in the same day.
> When  I switch  my ISP  during the  day, I  prefer not  to reconfigure
> netscape.
> One solution  would have all  news-readers refer to my  local computer
> for news  service, then  run a dummy/caching  news-server on  my local
> computer. I  dabbled at INN,  saw no  documentation on such  a trivial
> use, and gave up. Perhaps leafnode would do this; I don't know.

Altough leafnode  is a  fine nntp-package  for small  sites, it  has one
flaw: It supports  only one main newsserver  as feed. So if  you have to
change  servers  very  often,  you are  better  off  with  reconfiguring
netscape. But of course  you could use the newsfeed of  only one of your
ISPs to feed leafnode and then  point all your newsreaders to localhost.
In fact, this is what I am doing here at home with no problems.

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