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Re: Indicating NNTP news server uniformly: how?

On Fri, Jan 02, 1998 at 12:04:46AM -0500, Jameson Burt wrote:
> Ideally, the environment variable NNTPSERVER or the file /etc/news/server 
> would determine the NNTP news server for any news-reader.  This would ideally 
> work for knews, netscape, pine, trn, ... .   I believe one can configure the 
> traditional news readers like knews, pine, trn to use the variable NNTPSERVER, 
> but NNTPSERVER apparently can not be used by netscape.

Isn't it a big problem that different news servers will have
different current article numbers? Your .newsrc last read article
numbers will be valid for one server but may refer to different
articles entirely on another. You may see articles again or
you may miss them altogether. You could rotate your .newsrc
file, but then you will definately see all the articles twice.

You could run a local news server, and use suck to get the articles
from whichever server; you'd need to maintain separate sucknewsrc
files to avoid missing articles, but the duplicates will certainly
be removed somewhere (either by suck or by the news server). leafnode
should do the trick, although I've never used it.

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