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Indicating NNTP news server uniformly: how?

Ideally, the environment variable NNTPSERVER or the file /etc/news/server 
would determine the NNTP news server for any news-reader.  This would ideally 
work for knews, netscape, pine, trn, ... .   I believe one can configure the 
traditional news readers like knews, pine, trn to use the variable NNTPSERVER, 
but NNTPSERVER apparently can not be used by netscape.

Of course, I have set the news-server's name within netscape.  But each user 
must do this (though I have but three users here at home).  My main motivation 
for wanting that netscape refer to something like $NNTPSERVER is that I use 
two different ISPs, often in the same day.  When I switch my ISP during the 
day, I prefer not to reconfigure netscape.

One solution would have all news-readers refer to my local computer for news 
service, then run a dummy/caching news-server on my local computer.  I dabbled 
at INN, saw no documentation on such a trivial use, and gave up.  Perhaps 
leafnode would do this; I don't know.

Does anyone know a simple way to switch between NNTP servers by either
a. feeding something to netscape
b. running a local news dummy

Jim Burt, NJ9L,		Fairfax, Virginia, USA
jameson@mnsinc.com	http://www.mnsinc.com/jameson

"If merely 'feeling good' could decide, drunkenness would be the supremely 
valid human experience."      --William James, Varieties of Religious 

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