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Installing WinNT on new hard drive

I just bought a new hard Ultra-ATA hard drive for my system, which already has
a SCSI drive with Linux.  I plan to format the new drive as an NTFS partition,
and to install Windows NT on it (the SCSI drive has a FAT16 partition on
/dev/sda1, which I'll use for transferring files between the two worlds).  I
would like to continue using LILO for booting.  I have a couple of questions:

Is installing NT on the new hard drive (/dev/hde) going to do anything nasty to
my existing SCSI drive?  I assume that WinNT will make itself the OS that boots
by default, but I plan to recover by booting from a Debian CD and rerunning
LILO.  Is there any reason that that would not work?

I've seen some baroque setups for multi-booting which have LILO hiding
partitions, moving IDE drive IDs around, etc., but is that sort of thing really
necessary?  I mean, sure, Microsoft is evil and all, but it's hard for me to
believe that NT will go and destroy other partitions just because they're not
in a format it understands.


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