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Re: debian 1.3 on thinkpad 760xl


On the IBM thinkpad 760, you must use the tecra boot disk in the
special directory, and not the standard bootdisk.  If you build your
own kernel, you must build it with 'make zimage' and not 'make
bzimage'.  The thinkpad will hang as you describe otherwise.

The alternative, as you may have discovered, is to use loadlin to 
boot from DOS.


On Thu, 1 Jan 1998, LKloss wrote:

> attempts to install debian 1.3 and always the same problem. On reboot the
> system hangs at
>   LILO loading linux
> So the two main things here
>   1) I cannot install linux without first booting a DOS rescure disk and
> loading the install using loadlin. If I just try the boot-rescue disk (with
> resc1440.bin rawrite2'in to it) the system hangs after 
>   loading linux ....
>   2) After reboot (whether from floppy or hard drive, I've tried both) the
> system hangs
> at 
>   LILO loading linux
> So I'm thinking that debian doesn't now how to read the IDE Hard Drive
> interface and can't boot. 
> So what do I do about this?
>   - John Kloss

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