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Re: DOOM - broken pipe

Orn E. Hansen wrote:
>   The problem was, that I am using NAS to network'ize my soundcard, and that
> meant doom couldn't acquire the card.  Whenever I move the cursor in the menu,
> there is a sound, which is why it broke.
>   There is a sndserver for NAS, and I compiled it.  It seems to work ok, but it
> would be better if it was possible to set a variable to point to it, so you
> don't have to overwrite the original sndserver, which provides far better
> sound.

You can edit your ~/.doomrc, and there is a line in there that lets you
configure the path to the sndserver.

It's interesting that it crashed when it couldn't start sound. I've
succesfully run doom on a computer with no sound card, and it didn't crash.

see shy jo

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