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Re: DOOM - broken pipe

Þann 01-Jan-98 skrifar Joey Hess:
> You can edit your ~/.doomrc, and there is a line in there that lets you
> configure the path to the sndserver.
  yeah, I took a peak at the source and found the M_LoadDefaults routine, and
some of the keywords.  The 'key_fire' is especially interresting, since I'm
using fvwm2 the CTRL key kinda bumps me into the next desk on occasion :-)

> It's interesting that it crashed when it couldn't start sound. I've
> succesfully run doom on a computer with no sound card, and it didn't crash.

  That's probably because it has a soundcard, one that is locked by NAS, but
it runs ok without a sound, if the soundriver is missing.  It would be neat to
have a '-nosound' option, as I discovered that it is faster without sound.

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