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email configuration

I was wondering if anyone could help me with my email configuration
(hopefully, I haven't missed anything TOO obvious).  I'm running a
standalone machine with a dialup PPP account to my ISP, using
smail/fetchmail to handle mail-delivery, and elm-me+ for my mail-reader.
Local mail works great (not much point to it, since it's just me & my wife
on the machine, but it does works).  Likewise, retrieving email from my ISP
works flawlessly.

My problem occurs when I send mail to my ISP.  The mail is sent OK, but it
gets my local accountname (adric) filling out the FROM header, expanding it
to adric@socketis.net - my actual address is haphazard@socketis.net.  I've
looked through the documentation for smail & elm, and so far I have no idea
how to force them to use my real email address for outgoing messages.

I'd appreciate any and all advice you can give me.  Thanx!

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