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Re: dselect on unstable dist., how?

Be sure that you have the latest version of Scott's HOWTO (I understand
that the latest version provides information about where the various
required files are located).

I almost can not adequately express how strongly I recommend that you use
dpkg for the small number of packages that are listed in Scott's HOWTO.  A
dselect run, in my opinion, just plain produces too much verbage and is
too awkward to use when installing individual packages (remember the order
given in the HOWTO is critically important).  In addition if there are any
problems then if using dpkg, you can 1) probably figure out exactly what
is wrong and 2) if all else failes you can probably "back out".

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On Tue, 9 Dec 1997, Alexis S. Panagides wrote:

> I am finally making the transition to the libc6. I am following the HOW-TO
> but am having a hard time finding the recommended files like 'libreadline2'
> at ftp.debian.org (although I found libreadlineg2).
> Beyond file location problems I would like to not use dpkg and use dselect
> instead but I am having a hard time pointing dselect to the unstable
> distribution. I keep getting,
> "Warning: Could not find a Packages file in unstable/binary-i386
> This may not be a problem if the directory is a symbolic link"
> then the dselect update procedure throws an error due to no package file.
> Furthermore, I downloaded and installed dpkg- and dpkg-1.4.9 from
> unstable but I still have the same problems.
> I have poked through the arquives on this one but didn't see anything. Any
> help would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks again,
> Alex Panagides
> Ceara, Brazil

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