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dselect on unstable dist., how?

I am finally making the transition to the libc6. I am following the HOW-TO
but am having a hard time finding the recommended files like 'libreadline2'
at ftp.debian.org (although I found libreadlineg2).

Beyond file location problems I would like to not use dpkg and use dselect
instead but I am having a hard time pointing dselect to the unstable
distribution. I keep getting,

"Warning: Could not find a Packages file in unstable/binary-i386
This may not be a problem if the directory is a symbolic link"

then the dselect update procedure throws an error due to no package file.

Furthermore, I downloaded and installed dpkg- and dpkg-1.4.9 from
unstable but I still have the same problems.

I have poked through the arquives on this one but didn't see anything. Any
help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again,
Alex Panagides
Ceara, Brazil

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