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RE: ThinkPad 560

> On 30-Nov-97 Matt Thompson wrote:
>> I seem to be having trouble configuring a custom kernel.  The only
>> kernels that work are on the 'tecra' rescue disk, and the one I got
>> from Valery Petrov's site, but those don't support fat32 and when I
>> make a boot floppy from the rescue disk, it loads the kernel then
>> immediately reboots when it tries to boot the kernel.
> I have successfully installed Debian 1.3 on my Thinkpad using the
> 'tecra' disks. To get a useful boot floppy, I had to be sure to install
> the kernel from the rescue floppy onto the harddisk prior to making a
> boot floppy (if I remember correctly).  I always have to make sure to
> force make-kpkg to make zImages when I recompile the kernel (to add
> FAT32 support for instance).
> Paul


Thanks for your reply.  I found that, for some reason, my TPad didn't want
to boot any 'bzImage', but that any 'zImage' was fine.  ???

All is well, now.  I have a tendency to do things manually with regards to
the kernel. :)


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