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RE: ThinkPad 560

On 08-Dec-97 Matt Thompson wrote:
>Thanks for your reply.  I found that, for some reason, my TPad didn't want
>to boot any 'bzImage', but that any 'zImage' was fine.  ???
>All is well, now.  I have a tendency to do things manually with regards to
>the kernel. :)


Good to here things are working now.  I know of no Thinkpads that can boot
bzImages (though I do not know many Thinkpads) - which is why the 'tecra' disks
work (i.e. they are zImages).  I would highly recommend the kernel-package
package (i.e. make-kpkg).  It really converted me and it makes compiling the
kernel (and installing it) a breeze.


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