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Streaming "Password:" in VC

Hello all,

I believe I botched my Debian 1.3.1 install up, upon the first 
bootup.  I was converting from Slackware to debian after a crash 
(perfect time to do this), so I had my users and home directories on 
another partition....

I did not want to setup the initial user that debian asks for, and I 
could not figure out a way around it or out of that part of the 
installation, so I opened up console1 (ALT-F2) and started to mount 
my drives and start to setup the /etc directory with my old files 
(like fstab, hosts, you know the rest).  I simply added my users to 
the "passwd" file that was in place.  From there I ran dselect, and 
finished the install process.

I rebooted the system for the second time and VConsole0, even though 
I never went back to console0 to get rid of that "adduser script", 
was still prompting.  Once the reboot finished it promped me for 
password....  So I entered my user pasword (for user 'jay')  It 
bumped out to the complete login screen and then after idle time 
"Password:" appears.  And keeps apearing adding the new word.  It 
fills up the whole screen.  

Once I enter the password for root I was let in and all was fine.  
Once I exit, it simply prompted for "Password:" again!

No other Virtual Consoles are affected, just VC0.  Can I fix this?  
Also did I kill my self with the shadowconfig question after the 
adduser part (before you go into dselect)?  I really don't want to go 
back and reinstall all of Debian again.


--Jay Barbee

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