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Re: MacIntosh diskettes

Nils Rennebarth <nils@ipe.uni-stuttgart.de> writes:

> On Fri, 5 Dec 1997, Rick Hawkins wrote:
> > > How can I configure a Debian 1.3.1 box to read and write on/to Mac
> > > diskettes and which programs can I use  ?
> > You can't.  The pc type drive is physically incapable of handling the
> > mac format. 
> This is only true for the very old low density disks.
> Todays 1.44MB floppys are hardware compatible with the dos ones, only the
> data is organized differently. Install hfsutils. From the package info
> I once used this with success to read data from a Mac formatted floppy.

I use the hfsutils all the time to read (1.44 MB) Mac diskettes. It's
as almost convenient as mtools is for dos diskettes. (I say almost
only because of the oddities of the Mac file system, with forks,
hidden folders, colons as directory separators, and the like... 
although the xhfs utility helps.)

Trying to read a DOS diskette onto which a Mac has saved files is
worse, though, since you have most of the above oddities plus 8.3
> > The solution is to use pc format disks, which both the mac & linux can
> > read & write. 
> This needs special programs on the MAC that may not be there.
> And it's rather inconvenient.

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