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Re: Get this, Gateway2000's 'wonderful' tech support

On Fri, 5 Dec 1997, Robert D. Hilliard wrote:

: > Allen Burns <allenb@coffey.com> writes:
: > 
: > > I wrote a e-mail to gateway2000's tech support team asking them if Linux
: > > was compatible with my Promise Ultra 33 here is an EXACT copy of what was
: > > returned:
: > > 
: > > Hello Allen,
: > > 
: > > Thanks for your message. Unfortunatly, Linus has not been tested on any
: > > system that Gateway sells and therefore we off no support for that
: > > operating system. If the system works in the original operating system
: > > that we shipped, then that is what we support.
: > > Sorry for the inconvience,
:      I was delighted to hear this.  When I bought my new machine last
: spring, it was a close call between Micron and Gateway, and I finally
: chose Micron.  After similar experiences with Micron support (since my
: machine was shipped with W95, they weren't even willing to help with
: configuring the monitor for DOS/Windows, let alone Linux), I've been
: kicking myself for not going with Gateway.  Now I feel better!
: Bob

That's too bad, as Gateway has several excellent technicians who run
Debian themselves.  I've also heard rumors that Gateway runs a few Linux
boxes on campus (I don't think I'm supposed to know that, so you never
heard it here)

Gateway has made junk, like everybody else.  I've spent more than enough
time on the phone with Compaq and IBM.  OTOH, when some friends
purchased a Gateway PPro last spring, I set it up for them in one
evening, and it ran like a dream.  The one hardware problem we had was
quickly dealt with over the phone.

Every PC manufacturer hires drones to man the phones (either that, or
they have stressed, overworked, qualified techs and lots of busy signals
...) so let's not freak out at Gateway cos somebody talked to an
ignorant person.

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