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Re: Get this, Gateway2000's 'wonderful' tech support

> Allen Burns <allenb@coffey.com> writes:
> > I wrote a e-mail to gateway2000's tech support team asking them if Linux
> > was compatible with my Promise Ultra 33 here is an EXACT copy of what was
> > returned:
> > 
> > Hello Allen,
> > 
> > Thanks for your message. Unfortunatly, Linus has not been tested on any
> > system that Gateway sells and therefore we off no support for that
> > operating system. If the system works in the original operating system
> > that we shipped, then that is what we support.
> > Sorry for the inconvience,

     I was delighted to hear this.  When I bought my new machine last
spring, it was a close call between Micron and Gateway, and I finally
chose Micron.  After similar experiences with Micron support (since my
machine was shipped with W95, they weren't even willing to help with
configuring the monitor for DOS/Windows, let alone Linux), I've been
kicking myself for not going with Gateway.  Now I feel better!


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