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Re: Packaging Gimp .99.15

wntrmute@tampabay.rr.com (Wintermute) writes:

> Originally this thread was about getting a libc5 version of the Gimp
> .99.15 put into the 1.3.1 dist area for others like myself to easily
> install rather than having to suffer with .54 .. 
I just finished compiling an unofficial libc5 version of gimp-0.99.15
and the accompanying data packages as well as the latest gtk+-971201.
I made these packages according to the KISS principle (Keep It Simple,
Stupid ;). No clever packaging schemes and such but simply realizing
"./configure && make && make install" within the "debian/rules" file.
Works really fine here on my libc5 only machine.  Download it from
"ftp://ietpd1.sowi.uni-mainz.de/pub/debian/unofficial/"; if you are
interested.  Maybe the official maintainer wants to use my package for
his own work too!?
                                  Cheers, P. *8^)
   Paul Seelig                         pseelig@goofy.zdv.uni-mainz.de
   African Music Archive - Institute for Ethnology and Africa Studies
   Johannes Gutenberg-University   -  Forum 6  -  55099 Mainz/Germany
   My Homepage in the WWW at the URL http://www.uni-mainz.de/~pseelig 

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