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Re: Packaging Gimp .99.15

srivasta@datasync.com wrote:
> Hi,
> >>"Wintermute" == Wintermute  <wntrmute@tampabay.rr.com> writes:
> Wintermute> KDE is the prime example I give offhand.  Only 2 days ago
> Wintermute> I attempted to install it, yet their were libraries and
> Wintermute> such that it required that were needed but not there.  I
> Wintermute> think it could be another repeat of the xlib6g
> Wintermute> thing.. where the package probably IS there, it's just
> Wintermute> that the dependant package knows it by another name.
>         Actually, it is not as bad as that. Some of the kde packages
>  are at version 1:Beta2-1, tohers have been upgraded to 1:Beta1.2-2
>  (they should have been moved off master at the same time, but there
>  seems to be a hitch)
>         Because of this, if you try to install a new kde package from
>  Hamm, it depends on a version that is still lying in Incoming.
>         Your timing is rather unfortunate. A little while ago, the kde
>  packages were consistent (all were at  1:Beta2-1), and hopefully, now
>  that Guy is back, they shall soon be consistent again (at
>  1:Beta1.2-2)
>         I understand this could be frustating, but Hamm *is* labeled
>  unstable at the moment, and the reason is that minor glitches like
>  this do occur. (One could download the packages straight out of
>  incoming, you know).
>         Please understand that it is difficult for us to have any
>  changes made to the unstable distribution without gliches like this
>  occuring; We have 200+ part time volunteers, and real life does tend
>  to intrude. We do try to minimize the glitches.
>         Unstable, despite these glitches, still has many more packages
>  than 1.3.1 R6, and is quite usable (I use it as my primary [and only]
>  machine).
>         manoj

I understand.  I'm not knocking the dist.  It's just that people have
had a sort of salesman like attitude of pushing the new dist on me. 
Originally this thread was about getting a libc5 version of the Gimp
.99.15 put into the 1.3.1 dist area for others like myself to easily
install rather than having to suffer with .54 .. 

However, as you can now see, it's gotten blown WAY outta proportion.

Thanks for the information.

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