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Re: Packaging Gimp .99.15

Hamish Moffatt wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 02, 1997 at 07:07:45PM -0500, Wintermute wrote:
> > Hamish Moffatt wrote:
> > > On Tue, Dec 02, 1997 at 01:54:18AM -0500, Wintermute wrote:
> > > > How about the fact that there are numerous packages that depend on
> > > > others that AREN'T there...for starters?
> > >
> > > Such as? Please provide examples.
> >
> > Don't play coy.. try to install KDE from the new distribution... see
> > what it sais about dependencies.. and tell me why it won't install.
> Aha. You implied that upgrading to hamm from bo would break things,
> which obviously isn't the case for KDE because KDE isn't in bo at all.
> I think it is reasonable that new packages are less stable than
> things that are in bo, but either way it is development software.
> On top of this, KDE is optional contrib, not part of the main distribution.
> Perhaps you have a better example?

KDE was an example of dependency problems.  However, as a proving ground
if you like.. attempt to get the NIS version in hamm to work with the
NIS available in bo.  It looks like a break to me.

And for the record Hammish I was stating opinion ...IMHO I don't like
the looks of hamm yet to upgrade.  I'll WAIT until it's got most of the
bugs worked out before I throw myself into the fray. I used to be
adventurous.. about 40 Linux upgrades ago (I started out with Slackware
long long ago, so you know what I mean by PAIN).. but now I'd rather
take the slow and easy route, so as to save me more time spent fixing
little problems that may arise in the upgrade process.  (You should be
happy with this answer as that's what Debian has set out to do.. make it
EASY to have an upgradeable/stable Linux system.)

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