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Re: kernel 2.1.68/69

On Tue, 2 Dec 1997, Matthew R. Briggs wrote:
> Hamish,
>     2.1.67 had some changes to the installation scripts that broke make-kpkg.  I've been watching the lists and I don't think
> anyone has noticed yet (except you and me).  2.1.68 has all kinds of new signal stuff that don't compile properly at all.
> 2.1.69 is said to be stable, though I haven't tried it myself.  I did get 2.1.67 to compile, though, by avoiding the use of
> make-kpkg altogether.  Here is how it is done:

Funny - I was able to get 2.1.69 to compile using make-kpkg.  I use the
latest hamm version of kernel-package (3.45).  Some of the kernel options,
like ncpfs and NFS root filesystem, wouldn't compile, but I assume those
are problems with the kernel and will be fixed soon.  And, despite the
signal patches to the sound system, sound configuration is still broken. 

There is one other odd thing I noticed about 2.1.69: process accounting. 
It worked perfectly in 2.1.65, but now when the system comes up it says
it's "not available".  I read somewhere that CONFIG_UNIX (Unix domain
sockets)  option must be turned on and it is - still no dice.  Does anyone
have ideas or is this another thing broken in the new kernel? 

Roy Bixler

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