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Re: kernel 2.1.68/69

> > can anyone get 2.1.68 or 2.1.69 to compile?
> >
> > hamish
> >
> Hamish,
> 2.1.67 had some changes to the installation scripts that broke make-kpkg.
> I've been watching the lists and I don't think
> anyone has noticed yet (except you and me).  2.1.68 has all kinds of new 
> signal stuff that don't compile properly at all.
> 2.1.69 is said to be stable, though I haven't tried it myself.

I've tried 2.1.69 with make-kpkg without (almost) any problems. I had
problems to compile sound and umsdos modules but everything else works
without problems (i'm not sure if i've done everything right way but i
had Debian 1.3.1 and i upgraded ldso to latest version from hamm and
compiled ne modutils - 2.1.55, and naturally kernel itself). New kernel
runs on my home computer so there is no network in it (i didn't compiled
it even as a module).

Leszek Gerwatowski

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