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Re: Various configuration issues

On Sat, 29 Nov 1997, Michael wrote:

> My first configuration issue is installing Netscape Communicator.  On my
> previous install I used netscape's install script but I'd like to do it
> via dpkg so the software will be registered with the system.
> I already have the communicator tar file, I need a .deb file and
> instructions on how to make dpkg install it.

The install wrapper is in /hamm/non-free. As you have a CD, it won't have
the developement tree. Get it from a debian ftp-mirror.
Once you have it, copy the communicator tarball to /tmp and install the
netscape-wrapper debian package.

dpkg -i netscape*.deb

> The second thing I'd like is to be able to mount my DOS vfat drives
> (/mnt/c /mnt/d) so that user michael has rwx permission for the drives. 
> I want to do this so that when I run netscape I can configure it to use
> my Win95 Netscape files.  Does that work?
Mounting is no problem.
Add this (as one line) to your /etc/fstab and it will be done automaticaly
during boot.

/dev/hda1               /mnt/c          vfat 
rw,nodev,noexec,uid=0,gid=103,umask=007,quiet       0       0

I have a group dosdisks with gid 103. This line will allow access only to
users who are in this group.

But I think netscape will search for and save the config in ~/.netscape
and there is no way to change it. Saving the config in ~/.progname is
usually a good thing.

> The third thing is that when I run pon as root everything is fine.  But
> when I run it as michael I get permission denied on two of the /etc/ppp
> scripts.  I think it is the out script and the chat script.  I did add
> michael to PID in the /etc/groups file(pid:x:michael or something like
> that, does x mean no password?)
This was answerd by someone else already. This "x" is because you use
shadow passwords.

> And lastly, I need a program that lets me adjust my XFConfig file while
> the server is running (S3 805 chip).  I need to adjust my screens
> diminsions a little because when I adjust it via monitor controls it
> mucks up some of the Win95 adjustments.
Answered already by someone else.


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