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Re: Various configuration issues

> I purchased Debian 1.3 a couple of weeks ago (with donation) and I
> installed once already.  I mucked things up a little and reinstalled. 
> My first linux was SLS, then Slackware, then Redhat, and now Debian.  I
> like the Debian philosophy so I'm going to stay with it.


What philosophy is it? :)

> The third thing is that when I run pon as root everything is fine.  But
> when I run it as michael I get permission denied on two of the /etc/ppp
> scripts.  I think it is the out script and the chat script.  I did add
> michael to PID in the /etc/groups file(pid:x:michael or something like
> that, does x mean no password?)

You have to add yourself to the groups "dialout" and /or "dip".

> And lastly, I need a program that lets me adjust my XFConfig file while
> the server is running (S3 805 chip).  I need to adjust my screens
> diminsions a little because when I adjust it via monitor controls it
> mucks up some of the Win95 adjustments.

"xvidtune" does what you like. Except you would have to modify your
XFConfig file yourself based on the output of this utility.

Good luck.

Alex Y.

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