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Re: Various configuration issues

On Sat, 29 Nov 1997 11:31:55 PST, Michael wrote:
> [..]
> My first configuration issue is installing Netscape Communicator.  On my
> previous install I used netscape's install script but I'd like to do it
> via dpkg so the software will be registered with the system.
> I already have the communicator tar file, I need a .deb file and
> instructions on how to make dpkg install it.

I think you put the tarballs in /tmp by default, but optionally I think 
you can put both the install package and the tarball in the same 
directory, then install the package, but I've never done it and I don't 
recall where I read that.  I haven't learned the in's and out's of dpkg 
yet either, but you should be able to extract this info from the .deb 
(so you can read it) and then run dpkg without dselect.  I started 
looking at man dpkg yesterday, but got sidetracked.

> The second thing I'd like is to be able to mount my DOS vfat drives
> (/mnt/c /mnt/d) so that user michael has rwx permission for the drives. 
> I want to do this so that when I run netscape I can configure it to use
> my Win95 Netscape files.  Does that work?

I can think of a few reasons this might not be a good idea.  First of 
all, vfat has no permissions, so there are security implications which 
I wouldn't want to open up without more understanding.  Second, it's 
vfat, and I disapprove for ethical reasons. However, all you'd have to 
do to use your bookmarks from vfat would be to automount your vfat 
partition in /etc/fstab, and then make a symlink from your 
$HOME/.netscape/bookmarks.html to your vfat bookmarks. (man ln) 
Previously I've done something similar with /root/.netscape/bookmarks.ht
ml. I doubt you'd want to share the netscape config files because they 
probably contain information which is system and user-specific.
> [..]
> And lastly, I need a program that lets me adjust my XFConfig file while
> the server is running (S3 805 chip).  I need to adjust my screens
> diminsions a little because when I adjust it via monitor controls it
> mucks up some of the Win95 adjustments

So you don't just want to configure XF86, you want to fine tune your 
monitor timing.  There's a package with "tune" in it (xvidtune?).  Use 
the search key in dselect "/", enter "tune", and "\" to repeat the 

I used the XFree86-HOWTO, which goes into great detail about how to 
manually adjust your monitor timing, far beyond the capabilities (for 
safety reasons) of that "tune" program, but unless you have a lot of 
time on your hands and like math, it might not be what you want.

You might also want to visit your monitor manufacturer's website to see 
if linux monitor timings are posted, many do and if yours doesn't ask 
the webmaster or email the support dept to see if they're available.  
Sometimes monitors are sold under different names, and you may have to 
do some work to find out the real manufacturer.  Sometimes the timing 
information is available in the monitor manual, too (if so, the 
XFree86-HOWTO can help decipher how this should fit into your config 
file, also see the relevant man pages).


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