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Re: Thanks for the help with compiling a new kernel... BUT!

>>"Thalia" == Thalia L Hooker <th@womensports.com> writes:

Thalia> Hi, I finally got over my signal 11 problems and can now
Thalia> recompile a kernel. The problems seem to have been due to bad
Thalia> RAM. I reinitialized my partitions because I was afraid I
Thalia> would run into filesystem problems due to the numerous times
Thalia> my computer froze when I was trying to recompile a kernel.

Thalia> I tried the kernel package and compilation went fine except it
Thalia> didn't seem to compile any of the new modules even though I
Thalia> requested SCSI support, SCSI disk support, and the driver
Thalia> AHA152x. I say this because when I noticed it had not detected
Thalia> any scsi hosts, I searched for a file: aha152x.o and didn't
Thalia> see anything like it on the whole hard drive. 

	The modules should have been installed under
 /lib/modules/2.0.30. (you did install the new kernel using dpkg -i,

	If you wish to test whether the modules are in the new kernel
 without installing it, you can try:
	% dpkg -c kernel-image-2.0.30_custom.1.0_i286.deb
 and look if there is anything in /lib/modules.

	Another thing to look for, after installation of the new
 kernel, is if depmod -a (run as root) succeeds. 

Thalia> The only thing I did different from below was that I used
Thalia> 'make config'

	That should be fine.

Thalia> Could this have anything to do w/answering NO to the question
Thalia> about modules version numbers?

	Hmm. This _should not_ make a difference, but I have not
 answered no for about a year now, and my meory is going. 

Thalia> Couple other "newbie" questions for you: Since my kernel isn't
Thalia> working right yet, can I recompile a new kernel from the same
Thalia> directory I compiled the previous one? Do I need to change the
Thalia> numbering in custom.1.?

	Remember to do a make-kpkg clean (not a make distclean, that
 wipes your config file) before you do anything. And yes, do bump up
 the number every time you put in a new kernel.

	However, people have reported a problem upgrading the same
 kernel version as they are running. See, suppose you are running
 2.0.30, and you have module xyz.o in there. You reconfigure the
 kernel (using make config (or xconfig or menuconfig), and instead of
 module xyz.o, you choose abc.o. Possibly because you have choosen to
 have xyz.o as a builtin, rather than a module.

	When you install the new version of the kernel-image,
 dpkg shall remove xyz.o and add abc.o. Now, if you need xyz.o (which
 your running kernel thinks is there as a module), there shall be a
 problem, since your new kernel knows better than to try to load
 xyz.o, your old kernel was used to doing so, and it does not like you
 siping the module from under it's fingers. 

	It gets worse. The new modules may not load into the old
 kernel (I think they should, they just don't seem to want to). Your
 old kernel may no longer be very stable once you install the new

	So it is a good idea to always reboot imeediately if you have
 installed a kernel with the same version as the one you were

	Me, I keep a few different versions around, and I boot to
 2.1.X, purge kernel-image-2.0.30, install the new 2.0.30, and reboot
 into 2.0.30. Cumbersome, but I've never had a crash. (this may also
 be overkill).

Thalia> - Since I didn't limit the kernel to 16 MB & kernel-kpkg
Thalia> defaults to bZimage, should my new kernel detect 24 MB? My
Thalia> boot messages say 16MB after recompiling.

	I think so. My kernel correctly reports my 96MB. 

Thalia> - If I add new RAM to my system, do I need to recompile the
Thalia> kernel for it to be able to use all of it?

	You do not need to recompile the kernel. Your BIOS, on the
 other hand, may need to be changed, and make sure your BIOS does
 report the new memory (or else reseat the RAM and try again).

	I hope this helps.


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