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Re: Show me the money Re: Donations to Debian

On Thu, 21 Aug 1997 13:20:36 -0400 (EDT), Will Lowe wrote:

>On Thu, 21 Aug 1997, Dave Cinege wrote:
>> If the orginization were not invloded in promotions, and makings CD-Rom, they 
>> could get back to simply working towards the orginazation of a quality product. 
>> Thats their purpose as far as I'm concerned, not worring about if CD makers can 
>> keep their stock up to date.
>I think that _anything_ that helps make Debian more mainstream and
>available to new users is worthwhile as long as it doesn't compromise the
>inherent stability and usefullness of the Debian distribution.

Here here. But it should not be anyones jobs. You can't bring that commerization 
aspet in with the  people that make decsions on the future of a free product. It 
sways thems.... 

>I say this not from a "We are Hackers of Debian;  Prepare to be
>Assimilated" or "Let's take over the planet" standpoint,  but because in
>order to get more commercially-available software into Debian
>format/compatibility,  we need to make the distribution commercially
>viable.  It'd be nice if eventually you could download "netscape3024.deb"
>or get the newest release of your favorite
>{game;utility;screensaver;officesuite} in Linux (esp. Debian) ala Quake or
>Wordperfect Linux.
>But it won't happen unless people are convinced that linux is a workable,
>commercially-viable alternative to products from Gates,  Inc.  I think
>Debian's the best shot it's got.

You should't even worry about that. What will happen, will happen because of how 
good debian is. I'm not saying hide it, just don't do things that puts the orginaizers 
in a competative state with each other.

Getting the word out is all that is needed. Making CDs available (not just cheap!) is 
scifecent and something custimarily handled by several developers in the group.
If cheapbytes wants to rep out 5 thousand CD's that's their perogative. But we 
should in no way feel obligated to cater to their ability to sell those cd's.
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